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Our Platform will be soon fully available for you. If you want to know more about ibicoo.com please visit our Welcome Video.

Currently, we are performing real life tests before we open our services to the general public. If your organization is interessted to conduct a real life test with us, please contact us at info@ibicoo.com. In a real life test you can conduct your real competition with additional support from us. We will assist you in the process and will collect your feedback in return.

Please visit us back. We will be available soon to support your innovation projects.

Current competitions posted at ibicoo.com which are open for applications:

Up to now the Ethiopian Universities Adama Science & Technology University, Bahir Dar University, Hawassa University as well as the Ethiopian company STEMpower conducted competitions with us. All this competitions are already completed. No further competitions are currently open for applications.

This website is still open for participants of the closed competitions to manage your accounts.

In parallel this website is open for organizations who want to have a first impression how our platform looks like and who are interessted in conducting a real life test with us. Please contact us first at info@ibicoo.com before launching a competition on your own. We will assist you in the process to ensure a good experience with us.

I confirm that I belong to the group of former participants or organizers of the former conducted competitions from Adama Science & Technology, Bahir Dar or Hawassa University or from the competition of the company STEMpower or that I am from an organization which is probably interessted in a real life test competition: